WE ARE intentional.


"don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like."

David Alan Harvey

the analog process

concept and art direction

vip programme

when making the choice of working with an analog philosophy and technique, you are embracing both the journey and the result. It is about seeing beauty and opportunity in the process of creation and accepting that perfection is subjective, and subjectivity is the cornerstone of emotional attachment.
Analog is quality over quantity; it is choosing to slow down, create intentionally, be present. It is as much a philosophical choice than it is an artistic statement and it never compromises on quality or speed of delivery.

When we live in a world saturated with content and with evermore discerning clients, the need for imagery that is not only unique but purposeful becomes evident. 
It made total sense to us to bring together our marketing & branding background and years of photography and filmmaking experience to guide you and help you create images that are intentional, on point, and will create the kind of feeling you wish to be associated with; and we all know we may think we buy with our heads but truly we do it with our heart.

loyalty and support are two very important values we always want to reward and this is why we came up with a VIP programme. The basics of it are that you commit to a certain amount of work over the course of a 12 months period and you get a heck of a lot of love and free stuff. But you also get to support a small local business and massive karma points. And that is priceless.

founded by friwi photographer Stephanie Killip, it was always going to happen. Steph started her creative careers in Film and TV, and advertising before landing a job in Marketing for a creative tertiary school. But the desire to launch into her own adventures led her to start a successful international photography and filmmaking business back in 2012. Now, her love for humans and most specifically empowering women, supporting small businesses, sustainability has led her to consciously and intentionally create a strategic one-stop-shop for epic content creation.

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